What is Lamination?

Lamination is a simple process of applying a thin layer of plastic to paper or card sheets to enhance and protect the printed material. It enhances the appearance of printing by deepening and brightening the ink colours.  Gloss, silk and matt are the most common types of laminates. Lamination is most commonly used for books, cards and other printed items.

A vast range of laminates is available for presenting different furnishes. Where gloss, silk and matt are the most standard options, there are various other innovative options available at the hands of the customers. Cellotouch is laminate that offers a rather soft feel; cellolux offers a micro pearl texture and cellogreen which is a recyclable laminate.

Among the standard options are matt and silk, however, the two do not differ significantly. The two have a similar appearance, but silk laminate is known to have a softer feel and touch. The cellotouch laminate, which is an innovative option, adds protection to the covers while making it silky smooth. Cellotouch is a matt laminating film that has a patented coating that produces a rich, gratifying, high-quality textile surface. A unique feature is that it can be applied to both sides of the sheet.

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Primary benefits of Lamination

  • By increasing the durability of the item, lamination helps it to withstand frequent use.
  • It provides protection against various contaminants, fingerprints, stains, smudges grease, oil & dirt.
  • It does not impair or blemish the printing.
  • By providing strength and stiffness, it makes the item look of high quality and importance.

Many applications of lamination include menus of bars and restaurants, maps, bookmarks, educational material, credit and debit cards as well as business cards.

Cost of lamination

The cost of lamination is essentially based on three things – the type of laminate used, the size of the sheet and the number of sheets. In most cases, gloss laminate is cheaper than matte laminate. On the other hand, variants like cellotouch and cellogreen are the relatively expensive options owing to the benefits they offer.

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